Choose the Category you prefere, select the exercise you want to practice, and improve your skill!

How to carry on a musical discourse?

Sequences will be a wise choice!

When the bass moves a fifth down and a fifth up, the Quintfall is what you need!

How to make a simple structure, something more musical? Add diminutions and the magic is done!

If there is one thing you'll always have to play, thery are Cadences!

Even a difficult key can become fun with special exercises!

It's when you combine Patterns that the game gets fun!

If there is one thing you'll always have to play, thery are Cadences!

In how many ways can a prelude be improvised?

How to harmonize a chorale?

Here are some exercises!

How to add many notes to a melody to make it more "sparkling"?

When you learn to use the 7th chord correctly, you have discovered the secret of dissonances!

Come improvvisare 1 nota contro 1, 4 contro 1, o sincopi e legature?

The complexity is nothing more than the union of simple things

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